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Alabama: From Territory to State

Alabama: From Territory to State

Columbus has always had a connection with its neighbors across the Chattahoochee River. In Columbus’s early history, many of its wealthy citizens had farm lands and houses across the river. Later, many of the employees of Columbus’s cotton mills lived in Phenix City, daily crossing the river to get to work. And, today, though a river still separates us, Georgians and Alabamians go back and forth across the Chattahoochee for work, play, shopping, worship, school, etc. The history of Alabama is most assuredly entwined in the history of Columbus. Mike Bunn is the author of a new book entitled Early Alabama: An Illustrated Guide to the Formative Years, 1798 – 1826 (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2019). In his talk, he will highlight stories about some of the interesting people, places and events in Alabama’s early history. Copies of his new book will be for sale before and after his talk.

Call 706-322-3175 for more information. Free and open to the public.

Location: Columbus Public Library 3000 Macon Rd., Columbus, GA 31906

Contact: Callie McGinnis

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